Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Perfect Power Within You

Over the course of my lifetime, I have studied an abundance of personal development literature and discovered various authors who have touched my heart. It seemed as I read those books, that the authors and I shared the same language. 

I’m sure that if you found my site, you have probably read a couple books in an effort to bring healing into your life. Though self-help books can be valuable, they do not offer the same impact as personal coaching, which can assist you in achieving the personal freedom that you desire. 

For instance, one of the books that I am referring to that is extremely relevant to my work is The Perfect Power Within You,” by Jack and Adelia Cornelia Addington. The authors make a point that there is absolutely no value in speaking negatively or in harboring self-destructive thought patterns. This way of thinking solidifies undesirable thoughts into the consciousness and creates an illusion that these thoughts are real, as truth is governed by our thoughts. The key to shifting this mindset is to begin utilizing positive self-talk and constructive thoughts. 

By now, you might be saying to yourself, “Yes, I completely agree but what you’re suggesting is easier said than done!” Within one life coaching session under my guidance, your thought patterns will begin to shift. The first step is to learn to discern all of the thoughts that might be considered negative. The next step is to place love upon those thoughts. 

So, number one, hear the thoughts. Number two, ‘love upon’ those self-destructing manifestations of the mind (this can be learned in my program). Number three, lift the pain within those negative thoughts through love and compassion for one’s self. 

In no time at all, you’ll begin to realize that thoughts and feelings are just thoughts and feelings. There is nothing to be afraid of when going through this process, as thoughts come and go. They are temporary. They are not who you are. But before they can feel ‘loved upon,’ these thoughts must be heard. 

Another important aspect of my work is in balancing the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. 
As Cornelia and Addington would say, “From [balancing the conscious and subconscious mind] arises the perfect power with you!” Changing how you think, feel and act will shape who you are.” By providing personal life coaching, my clients shift so that an awakening process can begin. Everything that you will find in this program is all that you have been looking for, and it’s just inside of you! All the joy, peace, confidence, and brilliance that you wish to have within you can be discovered as you. The perfect power that you seek is within your self – within your own, wonderful body! 


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